How To Develop Empowered Leaders For Today’s Disruptive Economy

“Leadership is communicating to
people their worth and potential so
clearly that they come to see it in

Stephen Covey

Six Out Of Ten Employees Are Miserable

According to a recent survey, six out of ten employees (including contractors) are miserable. Digging in to this, you’ll find that the quality of leadership is at the core of the list of complaints.

So, what is leadership and importantly what can you do to prevent this from happening at your workplace?

Leadership Comes Down To One Thing

Leadership is many things, but it all comes down to one thing – you’re there to help your team to think in a way that seeks to challenge their own beliefs and attitudes about what’s possible.

“People don’t need to be managed, they need to be unleashed”

Richard Florida

The right style and approach to leadership, which we call “empowered leadership”, allows the employee to own their role, boosting their personal performance, and giving them much more job satisfaction.

Empowered leadership also encourages employees to contribute to the improvement and innovation in the organisation. This leadership style and approach, guides them in how to solve problems in a way that demonstrates both good judgement and thought for the consequences of their decisions.

Empowered leadership encourages innovative thinking and empowers the team to ‘own’ not just their own performance, but the outcomes for the entire team – while at the same time, viewing them more than just people doing their job.

Importantly, empowered leadership enable the employees to think of others and the impact that the employee’s own decisions have on those around them.  In other words, empowered leadership helps them become the human being they want to be.

 “A great leader's courage to fulfil his vision comes from passion, not position.”

John Maxwell

How Sonia Decided To Change The Leadership Culture Of Her Workplace

One of my clients, Sonia, is a busy senior executive heading up a major division of a fast-growing company. New in her role, Sonia could see that certain norms of behaviour in the workplace, were no longer suited to the direction that the company was heading.

She realised a change was required, if they were to be successful.

To do this, we worked together, closely with her team to help them to think in a way to challenge their own beliefs and attitudes about what’s possible. Sonia helped her team to own their role and boosted their confidence and personal performance.

The results achieved by applying the principles of “empowered leadership” even surprised Sonia – but they were real, measurable on many levels and importantly sustainable.

“In order to achieve outstanding results, you need to challenge their own beliefs and attitudes about what’s possible, that’s when you have truly impacted your team”  

Sharon Smith

Imagine Challenging Your Team’s Beliefs & Attitudes About What’s Possible

Imagine you start to challenge your team’s beliefs and attitudes about what is possible.

Allowing your team to own their role and boost their confidence, giving them more satisfaction and encouraging them to contribute to their improvements and innovation in the organisation.

Do you think that might make a difference?

If you’re there to help your team to think in a way that guides them in how to solve problems, in way that demonstrates sound judgement and thought for consequences.

If you are there to guide them and allow them to think of others and the impact decisions have on them.

Wouldn’t you agree that this would possibly make a profound impact where your team would be empowered to make decisions and have a greater impact on the business?

You see, I believe this is possible for you and all work places. If you simply embrace the principles of “empowered leadership”, your results could be transformative.

“Great leadership is allowing your team to become great leaders themselves”

Rose Rawani

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